How Show A Pose Photo Booth Rentals are Different

How Show A Pose Photo Booth Rentals are Different

Show A Pose Photo Booth Rental
Our Motto:

We at Show A Pose Photo Booth Rental work extremely hard to always put your guests first. Our motto, People Before Profit, is the key to our success.

Our Equipment

The equipment we use in our booth is state of the art, studio quality equipment that ensures your wedding reception or birthday party goes off without a hitch.

For example, our printer alone is capable of printing 2 personalized photo strips in under 15 seconds. Some of our competitors use lower quality printers that take up to a minute to produce a print, and they aren’t even personalized!

Those same competitors sell ‘blocks’ of prints. A limit of 200 prints will cost more than a limit of 100 prints. But if their printer AT MOST can only produce 60 prints per hour, how much are you truly paying for?

Here is the proof. On our website we display many of our events galleries. You can see that we average 400 to 500 images posted for our events. Sometimes even more! If you compare that to some of our competitors, they are only producing 100 to 200 images an event. This is due to our superior attendants and our superior equipment.

How We Stack Up Against the Competition

Firstly, we aren’t scared to provide our pricing online to allow our potential clients to gain all of the information they need. We are straight forward and honest and don’t feel the need to ‘sell’ you on our service.

Secondly, we focus on the interaction with your guests to ensure they are enjoying themselves in the Photo Booth and the quality of the prints. It is our belief that if we do those two things very well, our business will grow. We don’t need to, and won’t, offer confusing packages to pad our bottom line!

This fits right in line with our motto, “People before profit”.