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The Tale of Two Photo Booths

1- The bargain booth

You and your guests are greeted at the booth with an under qualified attendant. In their hand is a remote control which works the camera in the booth. You rummage through a bin with old beat up props and choose one to take into the booth with you.

When you enter the booth, the attendant follows. They line you up and tell you to look at the camera at which time they will push the remote, the camera will use the auto focus feature built in, and it will snap one picture. This will be repeated 3 more times.

The attendant heads over to the laptop where the 4 pictures were transferred. They will then manually create a photo strip with free software. This can take a minute, so you your guests are now waiting for their pictures while the line for the booth increases because the attendant can’t create strips and manually take pictures at the same time.

Finally, the attendant is ready to print the picture. But wait! They are using an inferior printer that takes a minute to print a single 4×6! Once it prints, they manually cut the picture to yield 2 photo strips.

Bottom line – Up to 3-4 minutes to produce 2 strips with no personalization!!

2- Show A Pose Photo Booth

You and your guests are greeted at the booth with a fully qualified, friendly attendant, whose sole purpose is to help you enjoy your photo booth rental to the fullest. They direct you to the prop table where constantly upgraded props are laid out.

The attendant helps you in the booth by showing you how to start it, shows you the automated count down and enhances your guests experience with their upbeat personality.

The group presses the ‘Start’ button and they are guided through 4 pictures with our automated software, where a burst of laughter erupts after every shot.

After the 4th picture, our state of the art printer gets to work, quickly printing out a photo strip for every guest in the booth. Within 20 seconds (by the time the props are back on the table) everyone has their photo strip and they laugh about the experience together.

Bottom line – Within a minute every guest in the booth gets a copy of the print.

So the question is – Is a bargain truly a bargain when you are limited by time on the number of photo’s you can take??